August 4, 2004

My Calendar

Ok... so it's been so long since I updated that, in fact, my calendar has even decided to revolt. It's so demoralized that it's been almost seven months since it's been used that it simply refuses to acknowledge that it's August. I can't say that I blame the poor calendar function... I kinda refuse to believe it's August, too.

LOTS is going on in the RL of CJ... so much so that if I were to try to bring y'all up to date you're eyes would pop out from staring at the screen for too long. So, I'll highlight. My daughter graced her father and I with her presence at the end of January. Since then, she's been learning how to be a person... with all the breathing, looking, smiling, holding, crying, sitting, and now crawling... it seems upon reflection that growing up is a remarkable thing. It has completely obsessed me with all its nuances. What is stunning... something I never imagined... is that there are actual "phases" that can last only 1-2 days and then it's gone! It's like she thinks "Well, that was fun, but it's old now... time to grow a little more." Now, don't get me wrong; not all development is forward progress. There have been days that stunned me because they were echoes of earlier developmental stages. Here I am thinking that she "got over" say... needing to cry for 15 solid minutes before falling asleep at each nap. I mean, for several weeks there were naps with no tears! (For those of you who have retained their sanity because they don't listen to crying for a net 3-4 hours per day, this may not seem like a big deal, but let me stress... silence is bliss even for an extra 15 minutes per day) But then suddenly she realizes "Hey, why am I not crying?!?" and the phase starts all over again!

That probably isn't the best example, though, because it doesn't stress how amazing it can be sometimes. For example, for the past two weeks she's been working on holding things and passing them back and forth between her hands. But for the past 3 days or so, she realized this very cool nuance about hands-- They come attached to these things called "wrists." Now, the name isn't really all that significant. What's cool is that if she has a quiet moment when she doesn't think you're looking, she'll take a minute to check out what wrists do. It will catch her by surprise... she'll take the rattle or the spoon in her hand and she'll turn it in and out... back and forth... and it's as if she's thinking "Whoa... I get Cubism!"

So, enough of the ranting of an overly attentive and sometimes hysterically obsessive mother. Back to the RW. Since I've been AFK, there's apparently been lots of discussion on my blog that hasn't really shown up on the main page... and not all of it has been the result of spam by frequent visitors like "Viagra" or "Big-Lovin." In fact, it turns out that the book that I "thought" was plagiarized WAS in fact plagiarized. You can see the comments on "Deja Vu All Over Again." The author of the original text, Marsha Meskimmon, very kindly posted to let me know which version was in fact "authorized." In my absence, I've been so rude as not to reply to her. Dr. Meskimmon, if you're out there, there's a response in the works... promise!

Well, it feels good to get the words flowing again... even if it is August, and even if I do wish that it were still July. However, the best part about August is that I'm writing again... and writing is healthy for the soul (oh wow... has motherhood made me this sappy?)

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Welcome back CJ :)

Your daughter sounds amazing ;-)

Posted by: Jason at August 4, 2004 9:46 AM |

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Welcome back! Hope you'll leave the horse at the trough and set a spell with us. Giddyap!

Posted by: natalie at August 4, 2004 11:26 AM |

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Howdee, Ms. Jane. It sure is good to see you again! I'm looking forward to more news from your world. Congratulations on all that has been occuring in your RW.

Posted by: fritz fontaine at August 4, 2004 1:33 PM |

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Thanks! It's good to be back...:-)

Posted by: cj at August 4, 2004 9:56 PM |

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