August 5, 2004

“There is no avant-garde only those left behind”


No, I haven’t fallen off my rocker to start pushing the apocalyptic, best-selling series of novels. This phase comes from a popular Australian artist named Richard Tipping. I recently became acquainted with Tipping’s work while visiting a gallery in the antique district in Kensington, Maryland. The artist whose native mediums are typography and poetry has produced work that questions the interrelationship of signs (as signifiers) and their context as “signifieds.” The catalogue Hear the Art from Eagle Gallery, London during a 1997 exhibition calls his work, “Signs of all the things we are here to read, this is poetry for those with verbal eyes.”

If you are, like I am interested in the verbal/visual signification of language, specifically as it relates to the purpose and mystery of poetry… Richard Tipping’s work is worth checking out. Be sure to also stop by the link for "Typping" if you're interested in "typographical" poetry.

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