February 20, 2005

After the dissertation

I'd just like to say that one of the projects I want to work on after the dissertation is about poets and painters collaborating on dramatic productions. This just seems utterly cool... and a constantly recurring phenomeonon. Most are aware that W. B. Yeats not only wrote plays, but was involved in their production and stage design. Wallace Stevens and Kenneth Koch are also followers in this tradition. What strikes me is that their most important collaboration is over set design... something that is not illustration, nor is the writing ekphrastic. I wonder where you find images of these productions, if it's even possible.

[Note: I've now discovered that I'm not the only one who's thought this same thing. Oh well...]

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If it's any consolation, cj, at least you're thinking the same things as really smart people: Auslander is a GIANT in performance studies. And therefore coming at it from a performance standpoint. I'm guessing that as MAtt comments above, this is just a great jumping off point for another approach to an undertheorized phenomenon. (In fact, it would make a GREAT class--multiple units, from Shakespeare to Ashberry, that looked at the way that language image and performance intertwin across history. Yeah. Let's team-teach it sometime.)

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