February 19, 2005

Categories and organization

Now that I'm actually making noticable progress writing my dissertation, I'm interested in making my work space, work flow, and organization of materials more efficient and user friendly. So, I've expanded my categories to reflect this. I've altered categories a little to add with my ability to parse information more quickly. I'm getting back to the purpose of the blog, which was to help me write my dissertation. I've added a "commonplace" section for briefly (one or two sentences at most) annotated links. Within that section are several subcategories, including each of the poets I'll be useing, ekphrasis, book arts, illustration, etc. These, of course, will be troubled divisions, but that's the point. Oh! And why not a couple of personal categories. I'm going to start populating some links and things under the "Hobbies" categories.

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Welcome back to the blogosphere!

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