September 14, 2004

Things that make you go "ha ha"

From "The Tonight Show" via

"The candidates are arguing about the exact format of the presidential debates. Kerry wants to stand behind a podium and Bush wants to stand behind Dick Cheney."

The thing about funny is that it requires a fraction of the truth in order to make us laugh. What's true about this isn't that Dick Cheney is pulling the strings. What's funny is that it's politically advantageous for Bush if it appears as though Cheney is pulling the strings. Bush is actually pretty savvy. He's able to preserve the "compassionate conservative" veneer by using Dick Cheney as his "tough guy." What's frightening is that Bush does have a viscious side... one that doesn't sell with his "compassionate Christian" image. One that I find more dangerous and more alarming than a President without a brain.

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