September 26, 2003

Air Lilly

See Lilly fly? Fly Lilly fly! Just more evidence to prove that women's sports are more physical than most give it credit for!

Lilly soars toward the goal

Just as a side note... when I played, I was the mess of arms and legs and orange on the bottom of the pile :-)

Anyway, I had a whole post all done, but it got zapped by the voodoo computer gods. So, here's the gist of what I said. The US toppled Nigeria yesterday in a 5-0 victory. The women have cinched a quarterfinal appearance, but they will play South Korea's team in Columbus on Sunday.

Here's what the Washington Post had to say about it. (That's also where the image comes from... ). Also, you might want to check out the US Soccer Federation Website to learn more about the team's success. It includes an article on the team's youngest player Cat Roddick, who is enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill this semester... and apparently keeping up with her classes.

Finally, here's an interesting thing I ran across in my searches. It's an appeal for funds and support for Ghana's women's team. They are the only African nation other than Nigeria to have wrestled a bid to the Cup. I hope the article worked!

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